In the year 2013 in Istanbul, our company was founded under the name, EKT Electromechanic Construction project foreign trade co. Ltd. in order to undertake elektromechanic projects. EKT Electromachanic within the context of elektromachanics, its’ main area of activity, in qualified international and national projects, with international experience in electric-machanic systems, in many projects up to date, successfully fulfills its’ responsiblity of applying and working in harmony with foreign üand domestic companies. It achieved many successes with It’s experienced executives and expert technical staff. Our firm not only provides projects, consulting, and aplication services but also provides complete solutions with sales and after sales support and services. QUALITY PRODUCTION and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FIRST To present designs that are tailored for our customers’ needs, to produce the right solutions, to ensure the continuity of quality of service and to improve it, To generate high standarts with low costs. Project delivery in turnk-key basis, to provide punctual maintenance service with our experienced staff. As a result of following all these policies, by achieving unconditional customer satisfaction, we want to be a known and trusted firm in our field and do, not many, but long lasting work. With continuous develpempent since Its’ construction, also providing contract services, EKT ELECTROMACHANIC, beside Its main offices in Istanbul, also with Turkmenistan and Russia offices continues to work without having lost Its’ enthusiasm from the first day.

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